MCEBrowser Version 2 FAQ

Does MCEBrowser run on Windows Vista?

Yes, sort of. MCEBrowser is fully functional on the 32-bit editions of Windows Vista. The 64-bit version of Windows Vista is currently not supported because of the way MCEBrowser uses 32-bit ActiveX controls. I am currently working on a new version of MCEBrowser that will be supported on the 64-bit editions of Windows Vista.

How do I set my home page or manage my favorites?

MCEBrowser uses the Internet Explorer favorites and home page. To change the home page that MCEBrowser uses, you just need to set your home page in Internet Explorer. You can do this in the Control Panel, Internet Options, General tab, Home Page. To modify the favorites that show up in MCEBrowser, just modify your favorites in IE.

How do I set my home page or manage my favorites on my Media Center Extender?

MCEBrowser uses the Internet Explorer favorites and home page, which are on a "per-user" basis. This means that you will have a set of favorites for the Media Center PC, and a set of favorites for the Media Center Extender. My Media Center Extender (for example) stores it's favorites in the directory "c:\Documents and Settings\MCX1\Favorites" on the Media Center PC. You could modify your favorites in that folder for them to show up how you want in MCEBrowser on the extender. As for the home page, that value is stored in the registry. If you are comfortable modifying the registry, you can modify the "Start Page" key under HKEY_USERS\[Some User]\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main. Of course, you can add favorites via MCEBrowser by visiting the web page and using the "Add to Favorites" toolbar button. I know this is a bit of a pain at the moment, and I intend to make it easier in future versions. In fact, the next version of MCEBrowser will allow you to enter a URL using the remote control.

Can I use the Xbox360 controller with MCEBrowser?

Absolutely. While MCEBrowser fully works with the Xbox 360 controller, the buttons are a little different than if you are using the remote control. Here is additional information: MCEBrowser: Xbox 360 Controller Support

Can I launch MCEBrowser from the command-line?

The executable for Media Center (ehshell.exe) supports several command-line options. One of them is the /url option, which allows you to specify the URL of a Hosted HTML Application to open. Read all about it here: Launch MCEBrowser from Command-Line

Why is MCEBrowser black?

MCEBrowser was originally blue, and looked very much like the rest of the Media Center 2005 interface. Before I released the first public version, I read through the checklist for placing Media Center plugins on and corrected a few things. Full answer here: Why is MCEBrowser Black?

Will using MCEBrowser on my Xbox360 compromise the security of my precious gaming machine?

No, MCEBrowser does not pose a risk to the Xbox360 for viruses, malware, etc. MCEBrowser is a plugin for Media Center which actually runs on the Media Center PC. The display is sent to the Xbox360 through the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) where it is displayed to the user. Any input (remote control, keyboard, etc) is sent from the Xbox360 to the Media Center PC through the same protocol. This means that if you were viewing MCEBrowser on the Xbox360 and contracted some sort of malware, the malware would actually infect your Media Center PC (not your Xbox). Also, keep in mind that the Xbox360 is connecting to the Media Center PC as a restricted user, so probably does not have rights to install software on the Media Center PC anyways. As always, you should ensure that your Media Center PC is kept up to date with the latest security patches from Microsoft, and you should always consider running some sort of antivirus software on that machine. But, as far as the 360 goes, there is nothing to worry about.

When will feature xyz be available?

I am prioritizing feature requests based on demand. If you have a feature request that you would like to see in a future version, please send it to me.

I am having a problem with MCBrowser, how should I report it?

Send me an email:, or leave me some feedback on my Feedback page. I will try to work through the problem with you, and provide a patch if necessary. Although MCEBrowser is a free product, I take pride in the work that I do and I hope to resolve any issues that arise.

What about my privacy? Is MCEBrowser able to track what websites I visit?

No, MCEBrowser does not track or log any information about your system or your internet browsing habits. For your privacy, all of the files needed to run MCEBrowser are installed locally on your machine.

Oh no! I'm at the bottom of the FAQ, and my question has not been answered?

Send me an email:, or leave me some feedback on my Feedback page.

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