January 21, 2007

Woodworking: Girl’s Maple Dresser (Step 4: Base Supports)

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This is a continuation of the Girl’s Maple Dresser project.

Time estimate for this step: 4 hours.

The fourth step in making this dresser is to build and install the base supports of the dresser. This dresser will have a base which extends out 1/2″ from the width of the dresser. To support the decorative base, we will need to install base supports underneath the dresser frame.

Step 4a: Cut peices to size

First, cut one piece of 8/4 maple stock to 48″ by 4.5″. This will be for the front base support. Next, cut two pieces of 8/4 maple stock to 21″ by 4.5″. These will be for the side base supports.

Step 4b: Router Roman Ogee Edge

For the edge of the base, I decided to use a Roman Ogee router bit to create a decorative edge. On one edge of eah board, router the Roman Ogee edge.

Step 4c: Remove inner material

Now that we have our decorative edge, the next step is to remove the inner material of the base supports. Using a 3/4″ dado blade on a table saw, remove all material on the top side of the base supports. The dado cuts should be 3/4″ deep, and should leave 5/8″ of material on the routered corner of the supports. Leave a small edge on the opposide side of the routered edge to provide support for the dado cuts.

After the dado cuts are completed, remove the excess material that was left for support on a table saw.

Step 4d: Cut and glue the base supports

After the base supports have been created, they must be cut to size. Using a mitre saw, cut 45 degree angles on the ends of the base supports. Cut one of the pieces into two pieces for the sides, and fit the pieces onto the bottom of the dresser.

Glue and clamp the base supports to the dresser.

That’s it for the base supports, next we’ll work on the decorative base for the bottom of the dresser.

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