January 21, 2007

Woodworking: Girl’s Maple Dresser (Step 5: Decorative Base)

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This is a continuation of the Girl’s Maple Dresser project.

Time estimate for this step: 8 hours.

The fifth step in making this dresser is to build and install the decorative base of the dresser. This dresser will have a base which extends out 1/2″ from the width of the dresser. In the last step, we build the base supports underneath the dresser. In this step, we will cut decorative base pieces and attach them to the base supports.

Step 5a: Cut peices to size

First, cut two pieces of 4/4 maple stock to 48″ by 4.5″. These will be for the front and back decorative base pieces. Next, cut two pieces of 4/4 maple stock to 21″ by 4.5″. These will be for the side decorative base pieces. On all pieces, cut 45 degree angles on the ends and test to ensure fit.

Step 5b: Trace design

Using these Visio diagrams, trace the designs onto the cut maple pieces using carbon paper and a pencil.

Base Design (front and back)

Base Design (sides)

Step 5c: Cut design

Cut the design on each piece of the decorative base. To cut the sides, I found it easiest to use a scroll saw because of the small radius on the design. For the front and back pieces, I used a bandsaw.

Using a sanding bit attached to a drill press, sand the inside edges of the decorative cuts.

Step 5d: Glue the pieces

After the decorative base pieces have been cut and sanded, they are ready to be attached to the base supports. Glue and clamp the decorative base pieces to the base supports, flush with the outside edge.

Step 5e: Install reinforcements

To support the corners of our decorative base, cut reinforcements out of 8/4 maple stock. Glue and screw reinforcements into each corner.

Cut, glue, and screw reinforcements supporting the sides, back, and front of the decorative base.

And, the decorative base is now complete.

That’s it for the base. Next, we can start building the top of the dresser.

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