April 10, 2007

Possible problem registering Media Center applications on Windows Vista x64

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Aaron Stebner recently posted about a possible problem registering Media Center applications on Windows Vista x64. The method for registering Media Center applications described in his blog post is the method that I recommended people use in my blog posts:

Media Center Hosted HTML Application Setup Project for Windows Vista

Creating a Media Center AddIn: Soup to Nuts

Creating an MCML Application for Windows Vista Media Center

I originally switched to using this method when Windows Vista Media Center came out because Microsoft stopped providing the RegisterAddIn dll for use in setup projects, and RegisterMCEApp.exe has not always been setup-friendly.

If you are using this method of registering Media Center applications within your setup packages, please read Aaron’s post on the topic and update them accordingly. I will be updating my blog posts (and my setup packages) that use this method as soon as I have some time to do so…

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