January 20, 2008

Woodworking: Girl’s Maple Dresser (Step 10: Assembly)

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This is a continuation of the Girl’s Maple Dresser project.

Time estimate for this step: 4 hours.

The tenth and final step in making this dresser is to assemble the dresser, drawers, and drawer faces.

Step 10a: Install drawers

The drawers of the dresser were installed in step 7. So, reassembly should be quick and easy. First, install the drawer slides in the cabinet of the dresser using the screws provided. Next, install the drawer slides on the drawers using the screws provided. At this point, I like to mark numbers on back of the drawers for future installation.

Step 10b: Drawer Faces

Once the drawers are installed in the dresser, the drawer faces can be installed. Depending on what drawer handles you have chosen, you will need to drill holes in the appropriate places on the drawer faces.

I chose Vintage Floral 64mm Vintage Bail Pull in Antique Nickel drawer handles from knobs4less.com. I ordered 9 of these, which allows for 1 on each of the small drawers and 2 on each of the large drawers.

Make a template out of carboard or thin wood to mark the location of the holes for the drawer handles, and drill the holes using a drill press.

Once the holes have been drilled for the drawer handles, place the drawer faces into the dresser and align and separate them using small shims.

Using a handheld drill, drill through the holes in the drawer faces into the drawer. The screws to hold the handles on will come from inside the drawer and hold the handles on the outside of the drawer faces. These screws will also hold the drawer faces in place.

Screw the drawer handles onto the drawers, starting with the bottom drawer and working upward. This will allow you to align the top drawer with the drawer face below it.

Once the drawer faces have been installed, the dresser is complete! Here are a few pictures of the completed dresser.

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